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They’re having a Bad Day.

For fellow webcomic creators reading this: SpiderForest is accepting new member applications! SF is a webcomic collective that HoK is a part of. It’s not like Hiveworks because it’s not a business nor a publisher. It won’t magically connect your comic to tons of new readers. Instead, you connect to other creators.

It’s also not an elitist clique; the application process exists to maintain a safe space for all members. Over the next couple days, I’m gonna be boosting this over my Twitter, and getting into a little more detail about my personal experience as a member. It might sound a bit like a love letter… :’)


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Fun fact: Danbi doesn’t know how to swim. While boys in his village often play in the nearby river during summer, they don’t have swimsuits and just take it all off. Danbi always felt awkward about that… Even though same sex nudity under certain circumstances is very normal in this culture, he just didn’t feel like he was “boy enough,” no matter how much he wanted to be. :(

Reminder that we’re still on the double update streak! This is update 1 of 2; make sure you don’t miss this weeks update #2!


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So, does this mean if you cut off one of Lushaka’s tentacles, it won’t move the way a severed octopus tentacle does?

Lushaka: And why are you asking that question?

Anyway, the comic is going on yet another streak of double updates. While that means I will need to take a break after the next chapter, I think it’ll be worth it since this arc is pretty fast paced. Make sure you check out both updates of the week!