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Two page-thingies this week (I always feel awkward about calling them “pages.”). This is the second half of the update.
Mr. Not-a-Suyori is called a miyokkun, which means “kelp worker.”

By the way, I’m leaving in a couple of days to help someone very close to me. I won’t have access to my digital art tools until I come back — around the end of the month.

I’ll miss you all! Please feel free to leave comments during my absence, as I’ll be able to read them. :D


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What a twisty chapter it’s been! I hope it wasn’t too confusing.

I’ll be taking a 2-week break to get a little buffer going for the next chapter. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a Q&A and posting the answers on tumblr. If you have any questions for me (e.g. “what’s your favorite part of making this comic?”), or for any of the characters (e.g. “Lushaka, do you play any musical instruments?”), feel free to post them in the comments section right here! Depending on how many questions I get, I may not be able to answer them all, but for the ones I do answer, I will do my best to make it a Good Answer™.

You won’t need to follow me on tumblr for the Q&A, by the way — although you’re more than welcome to. I’ll be posting a link to the Q&A stuff when I come back with chapter 18.

Alsooo… you may have noticed the little banner at the top of this site. That’s right, Heart of Keol is now a member of the SpiderForest webcomic collective! SF isn’t a business unlike Hiveworks or Webtoons, so membership does not mean I’m being paid to make this comic. What it does mean is, I’m surrounded by incredibly talented creators who are willing to help me, and trust me to support them in return. I have no words to describe how honored I am and how NOT qualified I feel lolol. Here, have a picture that I made in celebration of joining SF.

See you on October 11th!


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In Korean, it’s completely normal for people to address others by their occupation: e.g. teacher-nim (nim being an honorific thing, kind of like the -san in Japanese), student (an adult addressing a stranger who looks to be school age), “police uncle,” “soldier uncle,” etc. So Danbi calling Lushaka “Inductor” is actually nothing out of ordinary here.

Note, though, that Master simply calls him “Inductor” without the -nim, while Danbi adds the -nim. I wasn’t sure about putting the -nim in the actual comic dialogue since it’s not English, and I prefer to not add jargons unless absolutely necessary.