What is this about?

It’s a comic! It’s about an American dude who ends up in a magical world that looks a lot like ancient Korea. And if you look past all the shiny magic stuff, it’s also about family, heartbreaks and what it means to truly care about someone.


What in the world is “Keol”?

Keol (결) is a Korean word referring to the flow or the texture of something, such as the grain of wood, the texture of a rock, or the flow of water. In this comic, it’s also the name of the nation where the vast majority of the story happens.

If you’re familiar with the official conventions of romanizing Korean, you know that ‘eo’ is supposed to represent the ‘uh’ sound as in dust, nun, etc. How counter-intuitive is that, though? I can’t think of a single English word that is spelled and pronounced that way. Geography? Jee-oh-graphy. Neon? Nee-un. Leopard? Leh-purd. You’ll see more than a few Korean words throughout the comic, and I’m going to be ignoring the official conventions in favor of sensibility.

So how do you pronounce Keol? It’s like kee-uhl… but say it fast and make it a single syllable. For extra authenticity points, soften that K a bit, almost like the G in gift. As for the difference between the American English coda-L and the Korean L… oh, sorry. I majored in linguistics.


Who’s making this comic?

It is written and drawn by me. Keiiii is the name I go by. It’s pronounced like “kay,” and don’t let anyone fool you… there are exactly four i’s in it. Not three, not five, not thirty-seven.

In case anyone’s wondering, I am female, an 80s child, a malamute owner (yes, I actually own her!), Saiyan Korean by blood and a New Jerseyan by place of residence.



Comic and site design © me.

Special thanks to:

Blambot for the dialogue fonts used in the comic, ACME Secret Agent BB and Cloudsplitter BB.

Webcomic (a plugin for WordPress) for powering this site. They answered all my n00b questions, too!

Dehaha1/Hobbes and Hades for giving me valuable feedback back when I was trying to figure out the writing for the first chapter. Check out Hades’ awesome comics!