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Talk about a flashy entrance!

The next few chapters were actually completed months before I even started drawing this one, so you may notice some weirdness art-wise (and maybe writing-wise too, eek!). It would not be productive to redraw every single panel, but I will try to fix the worst ones before they get posted.

I’m nervous about showing the old stuff to you guys, yet at the same time, it proves that I have improved over the past few months of working on this comic. Never stop improving, that’s my goal!


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If you’ve read this part prior to June 2016, you might remember this scene a bit differently. There’s been a major revision with brand new art! I didn’t redraw it just to make the art better, though. The old art was honestly fine. It was the writing that needed help.

The differences are subtle (the outcome of the scene remains the same, after all) yet significant at the same time, I feel. A lot of love, blood and tears went into it, so I hope this makes for a better reading experience.