What’s in a name: His full name is Ethan Norme. Unfortunately, just about everyone in Keol mispronounces it as “ittan nohm” — meaning “what a douchebag.”
Age: 19
Place of birth: New Jersey, U.S.A.
Languages: English (native), Korean (barely enough to get by)

A teddy bear at heart. A very big, beefy teddy bear that gets thrown all the way over to a different world. Under his sunny smile, he carries some serious family-related emotional baggage.


What’s in a name: “sweet rain,” referring to a welcome shower after a string of dry days
Age: 16
Place of birth: Keol, northern region
Languages: Keol – north dialect, same as the Jeonrado dialect of Korean

A hardworking, modest, sweet, pretty… boy. Uses plant magic, which is traditionally considered a women’s art in this culture. He possesses significant talent for it — but not enough confidence to feel proud of himself, especially when people give him a hard time about gender norms.