Guest art by Lucy

Ethan in that Weird Foggy Watery Place™, by Lucy Lyall! Oh, Ethan, careful when you’re playing with metaphysical fire…

Lucy makes Spare Keys for Strange Doors, a comic I just started reading myself! I love the vibes so far; it’s mysterious and exciting, but also mundane in a good way. There are supernatural problems, but it’s very slice of life-y with characters who feel real (even the one-offs!). Check it out!

Guest Art by Darwin

Lushaka by Darwin! Oooo he about to whip out a tenta or two…!

Darwin makes multiple webcomics, mostly in the serious, gritty action fantasy/sci-fi hybrid genre. One that I personally follow (and eagerly await the next pages) is Michael, which is less actiony and more coming-of-age drama. See, I’m too old for most high school stories, but not this one. Michael is different. It does not put teens on some dramatic heroic pedestal, nor does it treat them like “oh they’re just dumb kids.” It’s just an honest look at what life feels like from the POV of a young man. The story takes his issues seriously while keeping this undertone that there is life beyond high school. I really enjoy it, and I hope you do too!


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That second panel. At a glance, this is an unremarkable moment, two characters moving from location A to location B. But there’s Something More to it that I think should be ‘seen’ and ‘felt’ rather than ‘read.’ I put a lot of love into painting the panel, trying to capture that Something More!

For anyone who’s concerned: don’t worry, Ethan’s underwear has been washed multiple times since his arrival in Keol.

PS. Check out Secret Places: SpiderForest’s short story anthology on Kickstarter!

SF is a group of skilled webcomic creators, and I’ve had the honor of being a member for some time now. While I don’t have a story in this anthology, I can vouch for the skills of those who do. I’m really excited about reading this book! Plus, if you get the tier with the 5×7 print pack, the pack includes one picture I did of Lushaka :O

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