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Lu’s suspicious sense is tingling big time, though all seems so far so good…

The twins mentioned here are also Arborists. Gotta wonder why or how such young people (since he’s calling them “girls”) came to ingest potentially lethal poison. Were they adventurous, or under duress? Or was it an accident? Could wonder the same about pretty much any illegal Dokkabi, in fact.

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They don’t have the means to produce all of the materials needed to build a house like this in this settlement. So some of the materials have to be brought in, one way or another — preferably by teleporting.

As they learn more about the local natural resources, they’ve become less reliant on that, but they’re still not 100% independent. Sometimes it’s a matter of a specific skill that’s missing, e.g. if they don’t have anyone who knows how to make X, then they have to either import X or find an alternative that they can produce locally.

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