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One of my all time favorite tropes: location physically changing to reflect (a part of) the person’s psyche! For some reason, it does not have its own page/name on tvtropes, even through there’s a whole bunch of related tropes on the site. Silent Hill 2 is an excellent example of it.

The last round of new SpiderForest comics to check out while we wait for Ethan to emerge from that pool, hopefully in one piece!

It is no secret that juggling awkward customers, co-worker squabbles and impractical management dogma is a delicate balance to maintain even for seasoned staff like Damian, Flori or others; so how will a completely inexperienced newbie like Ash cope?

Twelve goblins leave their home to find their place in the great big world outside. What could possibly go wrong?

Willa Dragonfly is too young to save the kingdom from monsters and evil-doers… but she does it anyway!

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Here’s some more new SpiderForest comics, this time sci-fi themed!

Gharr, an alien researcher, gets stranded on Earth after making one too many rash decisions. He has no way of calling back for help, and no certainty that the natives are to be trusted… So began the First Contact Incident.

Aspiring witch Violet Amaryllis aims to reform the corrupt Hero Industry, and attending academy Calia Nova seems like the perfect way to do it! However, she’s swept up in politics and rivalries, and learns that justice prevails… until it doesn’t.

Simon is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter who is being haunted by a mysterious spirit in his home. His best friend Chakor, who just so happens to be a lich, promises him that with the help of his own ghost hunting dance squad they can fight it.

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There’s an intermission on the “next” page, so don’t forget to check it out!

Speaking of checking stuff out, I’m excited to share comics by new SpiderForest members! Here are some fantasy comics to read. Fantasy is such a diverse mega-genre, and each of these are SO distinct. :D

Born the son of a deserter, Sam must hunt a monster to restore his honor. But when Sam captures a jack named Wick, he forms a friendship more dear than any he’s had before, and must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Ariana has left her lands, traveling far afield in search of the Great Tree and its legendary healing powers. She has encountered the mythical humans, and is slowly learning their strange ways. What troubles is she fleeing, and what will she find?

Blanc and Samson are two aspiring knights working for Granborough, a giant behemoth of a castle that travels the country. On their adventures they discover what being a knight actually entails.

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