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Nesam isn’t able to undo Solttam’s trap, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that her abilities are weaker. A suyori/Elyeo can sort of ‘tame’ the plants and fungi around her, molding them to her specific style of control over time. Solttam lives here, and Nesam does not. This gives Solttam a distinct advantage.

There is even a saying among the people of Keol: ‘to fight a suyori in her own garden.’ It means something like fighting an uphill battle.

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Here’s the third and final round of SpiderForest new member comics this year! I admire the incredible quality in craft in each of them. I will also take this moment to show off this beautiful Danbi fanart drawn by Lee, who makes Children of Shadow below. The subtle hatching, the colors, the expression… I really ought to make a gallery page, but in the meantime, please join me in admiring Lee’s work right here! (And go read his comic too; it is positively gripping!)

An ancient satellite crashes into enemy territory. A team is dispatched to recover it, but they end up finding something else.

What would you do, if your senses start blending between what’s real and fantasy?

Teenagers with supernatural powers team up with woodland critters to defeat monsters.

A story about mental health, abuse of the vulnerable, and addiction. Fair warning, pretty much every content warning relating to abuse and mental health applies here!

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Preserving the world. Rings a bell, doesn’t it…?

Here’s some more new member comics in the Spiderforest collective. I have only read one of them so far, but 100% plan on checking out all of them!

A story about witchcraft, ghosts, responsibilities and the gay experience.

Slice-of-life adventures from a Fantasy world.

A fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards out to solve a murder mystery!

A child foretold to be a fearsome god killer embarks on a desperate quest to change fate. This has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. I super admire the creator’s growth, their passion for portraying a lived-in world, and their love of their characters.

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I have returned! And I come bearing some recommendations: new additions to the SpiderForest collective, of which HoK is a member. It’s humbling to be in such excellent company! SpiderForest comics are very diverse, and from what I’ve seen, no two comics are alike. Give them a look!

Badass warrior girls, deadly mermaids, and a forbidden romance. Here’s something for the YA lovers!

Strange science and sarcastic robots. Features cinnamon rolls of all types: kids, grown-ups, humans, bots, and probably those butterflies, too.

Robots who’ve been abandoned by their Creators struggle to find meaning in life. A contemplative story, quite different!

Space, Love, and a Whole Lotta Action. I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s been on my “check out” list for a long while! The creator is a big advocate of making a comic that you love, and I endorse that 100000%.

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