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There was a lot of trial and error involved in these panels. Let’s see.

Panel one: I’d drawn Ethan turning halfway to Danbi, but what’s the point of showing the turning? There’s no significance to it. So a close-up on the stretched out hand it is.

Panel three used to be two panels: Danbi’s expression going from a restrained ‘yay’ to ‘ohnoes.’ But I’ve already done something vaguely similar at the end of Chapter 2, when Danbi was struggling to find words (although there were no ‘ohnoes’ involved in that one). Plus, this little scene is not about Danbi. It’s all about Ethan making his decision. Going with Danbi may seem like a no-brainer, but finding a personal reason to do so — something beyond a simple ‘well, I don’t belong here’ — took him a bit of introspection.

Panel four: oh boy, I think I redrew the background three times. I needed Danbi to stand on that side of the yard, i.e. facing his house, in order for the next update to follow smoothly. But I wasn’t thinking about it at first, and drew the house on the top side of the panel. Oops. Took me two more redraws to orient the characters properly.

And the darkness in the gutter toward the bottom. That took WAY longer than it should have! Abstract composition is hard, guys.