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Although perfectly in-character given the situation, I don’t like how this scene makes Angdu look like a hotheaded cardboard cutout anime chick. It’s not a fair representation of her character. She does have a tendency to act before she thinks when under duress… But she’s not entirely incapable of thinking, listening or yielding. (The trick is to get her to calm down first. XD)

And that’s the biggest reason why I’m posting a big triple update today. Even though the other two strips don’t really show her doing much, I’m hoping the sheer quantity will dilute the “whoa what the hell is her problem” thing a bit?

Actually, if the question had been simply “what the hell is her problem,” I’d be okay — as was the case with the voluptuous blonde in the previous chapter. What I’d really like to avoid is “what is happening with this comic? Are the characters turning into anime stereotypes?”