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That wraps up Chapter 6: The Queen’s Quarry (II). Who’s pumped for Chapter 7? I KNOW I AM!!!

…Unfortunately, I’m going on a forced break.
This is probably the WORST POSSIBLE TIME to go on a break. That cliffhanger! The momentum! AAAUUURGH!!!!
As much as it pains me… there is simply no other way. Due to some personal issues that came up, I just won’t have enough time to work on the comic for the next few weeks.

Chapter 7 will begin on August 3. During chapter 7, I will post two updates a week, the same as before. After that, I will probably need to switch to once-a-week schedule for some time while I deal with some RL stuff. To be honest, I’ll be bending over backwards to post two updates a week for chapter 7. ^^; It’s a very fast-paced chapter, so I don’t want it to go slow — especially after making you guys wait for a month.

I will switch back to twice-a-week as soon as my schedule allows me! I do want to finish this comic before I turn 40, haha.

To receive notifications when the comic updates, I strongly recommend subscribing on Tapastic and/or Comic Rocket. Super useful sites, they are! If you don’t have an account on those sites and don’t want to bother, worry not. I will come back on August 3, as promised. ^_^

See you all in a month!