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Thanks to this ear infection I’ve caught, there will be no update this Thursday. Visitor Reproductive Biology class will resume on Monday.

About the nudity:
I thought about completely hiding her breasts and genital behind her hair/ the ring, but nah. Showing at least a hint of her genital region is important because I do want to make it clear that they look just like female humans down there.

This means there is NO penis to be seen in their world. Some non-sentient species may have penises, but if they do, they remain internal except during intercourse, so they’re never seen.

As a corollary, purely heterosexual Elyath would be considered to be sexual deviants for their kind, and would be extremely rare, if they exist at all. They’re usually asexual (common), lesbian (common) or pansexual (less common). The pansexual ones live their whole lives without realizing they’re different from their lesbian kins — unless they end up in Keol.

Makes sense, no? After all, there are no visibly male humanoids in their world. They don’t even have a word for “man” — or “woman” for that matter. Just “person.” In addition, they also have words referring to 1) male plants that they can reproduce with, 2) female plants that they can reproduce with, 3) THE male plant(s) they’ve reproduced with, 4) one’s own father plant, etc.