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I’m baaaack! I will only be able to update once a week for the time being, but one update per week beats no updates. ^_^ Let’s get the story rolling!

Keen readers may notice that Angdu says “sleepyhead” instead of “shleepyhead.” I have decided to remove the accent from the native shpeakers speakers. Why? Because while these characters will always have a very thick accent (전라도 사투리) in my head, it’s just impossible to get it across in the English version. The perfect, seemingly accent-free English doesn’t quite capture how they talk in Korean, but neither did the fake accent. I am in the process of removing it from older pages, which might take me a couple of weeks.

Ethan’s broken speech is here to stay, however — for as long as it takes for him to get fluent. That too works much better in the original Korean version, but it works well enough in English, even if some people find it annoying (sorry!).

That door IS very tiny, by the way. Not every room in a house has good heating during winter; the ones that don’t typically have these baby doors to keep the cold air out, as much as they can. They’re tight for average Keol adults, and for Ethan, well…

Oh, and now I have an incentive thingie for Top Web Comics voting! If you enjoy this comic, please spare a vote — it’s free and just takes two clicks. It will also let you take a peek at a cool picture! This week’s voting incentive image is something I’d shared with Patreon backers a while ago at a higher resolution. I think most folks would find it rather… unexpected.

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