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There’s an intermission on the “next” page, so don’t forget to check it out!

Speaking of checking stuff out, I’m excited to share comics by new SpiderForest members! Here are some fantasy comics to read. Fantasy is such a diverse mega-genre, and each of these are SO distinct. :D

Born the son of a deserter, Sam must hunt a monster to restore his honor. But when Sam captures a jack named Wick, he forms a friendship more dear than any he’s had before, and must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Ariana has left her lands, traveling far afield in search of the Great Tree and its legendary healing powers. She has encountered the mythical humans, and is slowly learning their strange ways. What troubles is she fleeing, and what will she find?

Blanc and Samson are two aspiring knights working for Granborough, a giant behemoth of a castle that travels the country. On their adventures they discover what being a knight actually entails.

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