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One of my all time favorite tropes: location physically changing to reflect (a part of) the person’s psyche! For some reason, it does not have its own page/name on tvtropes, even through there’s a whole bunch of related tropes on the site. Silent Hill 2 is an excellent example of it.

The last round of new SpiderForest comics to check out while we wait for Ethan to emerge from that pool, hopefully in one piece!

It is no secret that juggling awkward customers, co-worker squabbles and impractical management dogma is a delicate balance to maintain even for seasoned staff like Damian, Flori or others; so how will a completely inexperienced newbie like Ash cope?

Twelve goblins leave their home to find their place in the great big world outside. What could possibly go wrong?

Willa Dragonfly is too young to save the kingdom from monsters and evil-doers… but she does it anyway!

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