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Not the exciting tale Ethan was expecting. But did Wei Yun actually tell them about her family, or did she only tell the stuff in the white speech balloons? While the canon answer is the latter, I think both lead to interesting interpretations and have interesting emotional ripples in the characters.

Lastly, the final round of new SpiderForest comics this year! As always, I’m very impressed with the diversity of both writing and art styles. Go check them out:

New SpiderForest Comics – Unlikely Partnerships

Clover and Cutlass<
Clover and Cutlass – The villains’ daughter falls for the heroine.
KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale
Immaterial – Ever wondered where all your lost socks go?
Fluffy Gang
Fluffy Gang – Friends trying to find some cool treasure, with varying levels of success.
Witch of Dezina
Witch of Dezina – The government sends a bureaucrat to find a missing goddess. Things get messy when a witch gets involved.

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