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As some of you may know, there is a first draft of sorts for this comic, which I will refer to as “the old buffer.” Story-wise it’s mostly similar to the version you’re seeing, but in spite of that, most of the old buffer is unusable for one or both of the following reasons:

1. Different writing. The scene with the wyrm, for instance, didn’t exist in the first draft, so I had to draw the whole thing not too long before posting them here.

2. VERY ugly old art. The part where Ethan opens the outhouse door here? Even though I’d promised myself I would only redraw scenes that were written differently, I had to break that promise. It was a special kind of hideous. Just trust me on that one.

It’s usually #1. The writing differences may be subtle, but they’re just different enough to prevent me from recycling old art.

The art for this particular strip is about 50% old, the highest out of the entire Chapter Three. I hope the old art here isn’t too jarring…