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Spot any familiar faces in the last panel? Here they are:

  • Blond girl, red skirt: Tebetha from Silversong
  • Chubby boy: now who could this be…?
  • Poor boy hanging onto Ethan’s arm: Viktor from Tyree of Amarynth
  • Cat face shirt: the boy is Hobbes/Dehaha1, who is not a character, but a (very supportive and awesome) reader. The cat is Quince from The Lessfortunate Beings.
  • Blond boy with glasses: Akira from Hazy Daze
  • Blond boy (yep) with the textbook: Finch from Singmire Haze

Aaaand with that, Chapter 3: Loved Ones comes to an end. I will be taking a little break before the next chapter begins. See you on March 26th, when the story will be continued in chapter four!

PS. Teasers will be posted via Twitter (@keiiii4) to tide you over in the meantime, so feel free to follow me there!