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This is it, the end of Act I of the entire story. It’s been a rough journey, both for the characters and for me. In particular, I’ve struggled — really struggled, far more than I can say — with the task of communicating what this story is about. What this story is.

HoK is not an exciting adventure story.
It’s not ANY kind of an adventure story.
It’s also… not Danbi’s story. He plays a very important role in it, but it ain’t his story.

What it is should be a little clearer now, after the last few page-thingies. I hope. Let me know what you think of this scene, how it’s affected (if it has) the way you look at this story as a whole, etc. Of course, comments on any other aspect of the story would also be super appreciated as always!

I need some time to get ready for the next Act. Chapter 19 will begin on January 10th. Everyone have wonderful holidays, and may the new year be fruitful for us all. ❤︎