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I have returned! And I come bearing some recommendations: new additions to the SpiderForest collective, of which HoK is a member. It’s humbling to be in such excellent company! SpiderForest comics are very diverse, and from what I’ve seen, no two comics are alike. Give them a look!

Badass warrior girls, deadly mermaids, and a forbidden romance. Here’s something for the YA lovers!

Strange science and sarcastic robots. Features cinnamon rolls of all types: kids, grown-ups, humans, bots, and probably those butterflies, too.

Robots who’ve been abandoned by their Creators struggle to find meaning in life. A contemplative story, quite different!

Space, Love, and a Whole Lotta Action. I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s been on my “check out” list for a long while! The creator is a big advocate of making a comic that you love, and I endorse that 100000%.

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