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Here it is, the beginning of the end. It is a little late because I struggled with the first panel for a long time. In it, I can almost see the most beautiful thing I’ve ever found, yet no matter how much time I spent, the result is a “so close, yet so far away” situation. But it’s time to release it to the end and let the wind carry it.

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And speaking of checking things out: SpiderForest, the webcomic collective that I’m a part of, has some new members. These two share the theme of young folks finding themselves while navigating through other Struggles!

The Nightmare Witch

The Nightmare Witch – Five children struggle to find a future living day to day with a condition that causes them to create monsters.

True Colors

True Colors – The first day of college is a big step…just don’t let the past trip you up. At least there’s free pizza.