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That second panel. At a glance, this is an unremarkable moment, two characters moving from location A to location B. But there’s Something More to it that I think should be ‘seen’ and ‘felt’ rather than ‘read.’ I put a lot of love into painting the panel, trying to capture that Something More!

For anyone who’s concerned: don’t worry, Ethan’s underwear has been washed multiple times since his arrival in Keol.

PS. Check out Secret Places: SpiderForest’s short story anthology on Kickstarter!

SF is a group of skilled webcomic creators, and I’ve had the honor of being a member for some time now. While I don’t have a story in this anthology, I can vouch for the skills of those who do. I’m really excited about reading this book! Plus, if you get the tier with the 5×7 print pack, the pack includes one picture I did of Lushaka :O

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